Child Trafficking Pedos Must Die

We have reported repeatedly about these sick fucks trying to groom children. Just research pedo and terrible teacher you will so many different cases. This is mind boggling. We have said that all teachers need to step down and never teach again. They will be reeducated into another way to live but they can never be allowed near children again. I have half a mind to say they should not have kids but this is a freedom given by god. If they are found out to take advantage of this it is death penalty no excuses and no exceptions.

These people are grooming the children to be trafficked, abused, and worse. There are an estimated 800k children missing every year from around the world. Where do these kids go? How are they fed? What do they do? What happens when they are no longer wanted or needed? These are question you should think about before you think of tolerating this kind of behavior, brainwashing, and grooming attempts.

The way these universities allow this type indoctrination is unreal. They get Federal monies so they must abide my these policies. But I say they don’t need the money it only lines the pockets of the administrators and teachers. I have a feeling that many things about school for children and colleges will change in the near future, and for the better.

In the mean time parents of children need to be on the look out for sick pedo motherf&ckers trying to be with their kids. This goes from preschool all the way to college. This shit needs to stop now. These kids cannot afford to be brainwashed this way. It is difficult enough for an adult to reason and make brainwashed children understand that there is a difference between tolerance and knowledge than the next step up of allowing others to take advantage of you because of the words intolerant, racist, bigget, etc…

Yeah this is a tough subject but you need to know about this. Spread the word to all your friends who are parents. Make sure they see these and other articles about this sick depraved behavior. Share the shit out of these and other articles showing how children are being taken advantage of.

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