Well here we go folks. The first time in history the people of California have finally woke up from their own stupidity and choices. The people who moved there for the prosperity and other opportunities are running away in droves.

Between the massively high out of this world high crime rate (yes redundant but makes a point), the massive amount of homeless/vagrant, drugs, filth on the streets, drug use out in open, the free everything, killer galaxy high taxes, the stealing money from everyone and given to others not part of this country could be a possible motivation for these people to leave. Do you think these were part of the wake up call? Or maybe it was the “COVID” and the lock downs, and the rest of the crap that went along with that? I would surely hope so.

The only question I have is why did it take this long and this much for people to wake the F$CK up in California? OK a few more. What was the turning point because this needs to happen all over this country? What keeps these people from moving elsewhere and voting like a bunch of assholes there and fucking up that place? Have these people actually learned it was their fault for all of these problems and what is and has transpired?

Fifteen years ago a fledgling Amazon offered me a very lucrative position but I had to move to California. I said hell no and they asked why and I told them I will never move to California. They asked why and I told them corruption, taxes, crime, more taxes, more crime, more corruption, and many more. I said it straight and calm and stern. The people on the other side of the call were shocked I thought they were going to drop the phone on the ground. They couldn’t believe someone would first turn down such a position let alone because of the location.

Tell us your thoughts on this. Give us information we are missing. Thanks for all the previous comments, we appreciate them all.

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