Pedophile GroomingPedophile Grooming

We have been warning of this reality. Anyone who is so woke and pushes for little children to explore their sexuality are pedophile. They are grooming the children to think it is ok for people to touch them in all places. They are grooming these kids to be ok with being abused.

If you look at what has been happening this clearly points to the fact that teachers, police, politicians, elites, and many many more are complete and utter pedophiles. Many of them are child sex traffickers. When a child is groomed to be a sex worker they have no power not to be. Where as a woman is larger and has more life experience and can fight back. Most of the time these kids are too scared and drugged up to even do anything.

This kind of behavior must stop completely and as soon as possible. There is no room in this world for people like this. The people who perpetrate these kinds of crimes shall burn in hell after their execution. There are going to be no exceptions for high crimes and pedophilia.

What needs to happen is all the school programs in college need to stop immediately. Next is to filter out the pedos from the program and then deny their access to children in any way for the rest of their lives. We cannot deny having children but no adopting, fostering, or anything like that at all. These people have no conscience when it comes to children. They care nothing for them except to use them.

Four more US school teachers charged with sexual abuse of minors

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