Death To PedophilesDeath To Pedophiles

The public schools have been turning into sick leftist communist fascists. They have been slowly pushing all sorts of off the cuff “progressive” agendas. These people are trained like this in college. The people who go to college to become teachers and are accepted into the program only if they fit the right personality traits. This allows them to be molded themselves into these pedo pushing people.

This kind of thing cannot continue. I say all teachers need to resign. All schools need to stop immediately. I say we have an deep investigation into all the teachers and administrators, no exception will be allowed.

Then after the dust has settled the people who have the correct intentions for children shall be allowed to go back teaching otherwise they will be banned for life from teaching, volunteering, or having anything to do with children. These people should be treated as sex offenders of the very worst.

They groom the children for all the nasty things they and their masters want to do to these kids. Go with strangers especially the LGBTQ peeps they are all trustworthy. You see you can trust them because I am one of them. You see it is safe. OK class lets do an exercise touch your friend next to you. No touch them here, as they point to the genitals and such. Watch their reaction and tell them it is ok I didn’t mean anything by it. Tell them if they don’t like a girl touching them they are gay and visa versa. Oh and by the way you can touch me there no problem. Line up and try if you want.

Yeah this kind of sick shit happens all over this great nation to kids ranging in ages from 4 – 12. Yeah this is sick and disgusting behavior. You read that right at ages of 4 to 12 where these people have been caught doing this. Not just one case but many many many cases.

Children can never be used for anything in anyway. If a person is found to be using a child they should be put away for a very long time. Because in prison many times the pedo become the victims and then even murdered. There are many famous cases where sick pedo murders have been sent to prison. Some were beaten to death by a broom handle. Others were beaten after the were abused then thrown away as garbage to die alone in their bunk. This is the kind of fate these people need to have. No tolerance, like the latest Supreme Court Nominee has. She is a clear pedo herself. I digress.

I love seeing these sick horrible teachers leave. You want to know why none of these sick fucks will sue to stop this law. Because they will be outed as the sick bastard pedos they really are.

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