Child Trafficking Pedos Must Die

This happens way more than you can ever think. Children are used as pawns to cross the US Southern border. They can be bought used and sold up to 100 times a day.

In the US during the Obummer administration these people were allowed to use the children in order to come into the states. They were gang members, traffickers, rapists, and worse. This is now allowed again in the Biden times. In fact it is encouraged. You all saw the debates where he and his sick Mr Harris invited these people here. You saw the interviews of the migrants wearing Biden tee shirts saying thank you Biden.

Now Austria is or more likely has been doing this. Now it is being reported on because information is finally getting leaked. These sick fucks who work for these agencies don’t want to go down with the ship so they are ratting out whom ever they can get a lighter sentence.

This happens all over the world. I asked my friend the other day. If there are close to 2 million children disappearing all over the world where the hell are all these children? What the hell happens to all these children? Are they all killed after capture? Are they all slaves somewhere?

And if they are kept somewhere where the hell can you keep them with out drawing prying eyes? How the hell do you feed them because they need to be fed and clothed as well? He just looked at me with jaw dropped. He then understood how bad and how seriously sick these bastards really are. He then started to believe a bit more that there are a massive number of Satanic worshipers out there and they practice this sort of thing.

This article talks of fears but there is no fearing anything these children are being trafficked by the very politicians that allow these people to come into the country as they do. This means Biden and his merry band of cohorts are all benefiting from child trafficking and woman trafficking. There is no doubt in my mind this is happening.

Fears of Human Trafficking as Thousands of Child Migrants Go Missing In Austria

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