Anthony Fauci is a fraud. He as perpetrated and been allowed to perpetrate all sorts of manner of disgusting experiments on people for decades now.

Well it looks to me Riot Season is coming. Just think about it the election is coming why not blame riots on conservatives and Trump supporter. Think about it folks, this seems really convenient for sure. Riot season on its way. The more you are awake and talk about it the less likely the deep state will try this because it will only look worse for them.

Fauci is a Satanic tool and has always been a Satanic tool. He is a sick sadistic fuck who gets off on the cause of death as he causes the death. He is up for creating riot season just because of the it will kill loads of people, make people suffer, and other horrible things. He and the rest of the bunch love this kind of sick behavior.

I am giving the readers an assignment. I want you to send this and other articles like this to all the people you know. It doesn’t have to be from this site. It would be nice but I want people to wake up from the slumber they have been placed into. Trust the government, CDC, ….. They have never been in our interest for the last 150 years or so.

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Sunday Talks, Fauci Warns of Potential Return of Indoor Mask Mandate

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