Baby Tears

I seriously don’t think I need to tell you how horrible it is for abortions to exist in the first place, let alone these sick late term abortions. The consequences are terrible. Real live babies are murdered daily all over the United States.

I shake my head in disbelief in how prevalent abortion has become. The mind cannot comprehend how people have become so brainwashed into screaming my body my choice, then take an experimental drug which has been proven to kill and maim, and injure the hell out of people.

The brainwashed masses are providing massive amount of income to these abortion clinics. The clinic sell the body parts of the babies. These parts are in turn used in food and other things. Yeah I you read that right. If you are consuming some of these foods you are a cannibal and you didn’t know it.

These people are sick as hell and want you to be part of their sickness. They want you to think it is normal and perfectly fine to be this way. They want you to be fine with pedophilia, child trafficking, woman and men trafficking, slavery, and more. Because this is what they practice in secret but want it to be out in the open.

These people need to be caught, tried, and hanged for their crimes. This cannot be allowed to continue. This cannot be allowed to ever happen again. There is an imperative to educate each generation of these horrible abhorrent behavior and tell them this will never be allowed again.

We need to purge this world of this kind of sickness. The thinking that it is OK to be how you like is not a good thing. It is fine to be comfortable with yourself if you are different but it is not OK to practice, think, push this thinking, and carry on with these behaviors. As much as we try this behavior might not be eradicated permanently. This means every succeeding generation needs to understand the horrible crimes that come about with these sick thoughts. We all need to know this and train every generation of the truth.

I have tons of evidence of these horrible crimes in the way of videos and documents. I am going to share them on a site where you can just grab these files for yourself. If we have millions of copies of this proof it may never be erased like the previous history. We cannot allow this to happen ever again. I keep saying this but I hope it becomes the truth. History has proven that the truth can be easily buried by people who want power. So if there are millions of copies of these disgusting crimes placed everywhere for anyone to see it is my hope this kind of evil never happens again on this planet.

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