Pedo Sniffer Biden

Biden is a pedo. It has been proven he and his whole family are pedos. Between Hunter’s laptop and Bidens daughters diary it is very evident the Bidens are all a bunch of sick satanic fucks. They worship Baal and the Baphamet.

Now Joe wants your children to be pushed into sex changes when they are really young, too young to even know and understand what a penis and vagina and sex and those ideas are really about. These pore kids will be victims of grooming and pedophile acts. There is no doubt in my mind this is what they want for your kids.

There is a nasty thing called child trafficking happening around the world and much in the US. This is a sick abhorrent type of behavior. This type of behavior cannot be allowed. These type of policies CANNOT BE ALLOWED. The people who actually vote for this MUST BE ARRESTED AND CHARGED WITH CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, PEDOPHILIA, AND MORE.

These sick people must be exposed. Pass this information any way you can. This must not be allowed at any level, local, state, and federal. This is clear sick and disgusting beliefs and behaviors. Wipe these people off the face of the planet.

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Biden Admin Endorses Transgender Youth Sex-Change Ops, Biden Releases Message

Biden Administration Promotes Transgender Sex-Change Surgery, Puberty Blockers for Minors

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2 thoughts on “Look At Pedo Joe Pushing Children To Get Sex Changes”
  1. 40 years ago with the rise of the gay movement I said their end game was our kids, I also said that if you allow a little bit at some you will have allow all of it Once Roberts gave us gay marieage the flood gates broke open, and with that all the freaks came out of the woodwork. I hate being right!

  2. Messing around with childrens genatailia used to be called Child Molesting . A crime , punishable with prison sentances .

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