Klaus is doing it again. He is projecting their plans to wipe out your food, and food systems, and supply chains. This is literally what they are planning on doing.

You can take this to the bank. You know why, because they said the same thing about the “Plandemic” which they practiced just months before they unleashed the virus. They talked about the new up coming hackathon across the world but this was stopped by the white hats and others. These people are seriously sick and demented.

Pay attention to what this POS talks about. He is literally telling you what they are going to do. So this means you can take steps so this cannot happen. Please use your own judgment make sure you have some food and water on the side. This will make sure you are safer than others who have not woken up and have not prepared for some minor problems that may take place.

Try and wake as many people up as possible. Tell them slowly how things really are. Give them hints and make them come to the correct judgment and not spouting what the MSM says this includes “Reputable” news papers and magazines. This is horrible and grueling at times but we need to keep pushing and waking these people up from their slumber and sheeple behavior. Fight on brothers and sisters. Don’t ever give up.

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