Money and VaccinesMoney and Vaccines

So to put these documents and the article in a brief set of words, Moderna patented COVID 19 and Patented the “Vaccine” back in 2013.

This proves this was a planned event. This was a depopulation event. This was purposely developed and set out to allow these tyrannical lock downs.

This means that this was part of the Great Reset, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, NWO, and more to allow the unelected “leaders” to take charge of you and everything you have, own, your garden, your food, your job, your life. With the passport for control, nationalized police, gun grabbing, and more you would be screwed.

If Trump was not elected and Hillary was president we would have been at war in a world war and we would have lost. This would have suspended the constitution and allowed the grabbing of guns from door to door. This would have been seriously bad.

The next sinister thing they the Globalist had plans was to unleash another even more deadly sickness. And like the during this last covid event they would have hid and not permitted the drugs that actually work.

You would be forced to take continuing version of the drugs, pills, nasal sprays, and such for these “diseases” otherwise you passport would not be up to date. Yeah I am saying this if you don’t believe this wake up and smell what these globalists are shoveling on you. Just look at what is happening in Ukraine, Canada, and Australia to say the least. In those countries they have already put policies in place make the NWO and Great Reset to come to fruition.

We cannot stop fighting and waking up as many people as possible. Make people around listen to you and your true information. You need to drip it to them very slowly because most people who are still asleep will never believe a word. You need to drip small information. Just take what is going on now and make a point to the real reason these things are happening.

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