The Great Reset

Does this not tell you everything about Ukraine and who set the government up or not? I am more than convinced the deep state put the entire government into place. Fake elections with pedo politicians who are blackmailed and must do as told.

Yeah in the very face of at at a 20 thousand foot view Universal Basic Income UBI is a great thing free money do what you want. It seems that the digital ID is a great idea as well you can do anything quickly with it and it is supposedly secure. And last but not least digital currency controlled at the federal level tied to your digital Id. At a 20 thousand foot look it is great.

The problem starts to happen when you finally start to look closer at what is waiting for you. As you drop in altitude you see nefarious details and shocking information. You see details and more ways these three new great ideas will turn around and bite you in your arse.

First you notice that since your money is attached to you and controlled by the government means that if you say something wrong you cannot do certain things. This may seem fine for criminal behavior but it can and will be used to stop a person who never committed a crime from eating, working, and more. This means if you don’t do as your told you are not allowed to eat, work, buy gas, charge your car, ….. If you do the wrong thing, say the wrong thing, don’t take the drugs as told, etc… you lose privileges period no questions asked at all.

Since the digital Id is attached to you this means that if you get banned from food or something you cannot pay someone else to get your food because if they are caught they would be denied themselves. The government can just take money from you with out your permission for uumm what ever taxes and what ever excuse they desire.

This then makes you susceptible to rat out people for not abiding by the rules and laws and what the government/elites tell you to do. This kind of control only goes to mass depopulation, tyranny, murder, jail, or what ever they dream to happen to you no matter what.

Do these ideas still seem like a good idea? If they do please state the reasons in a comment below.

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