Absolutely no one is talking about how bad the Southern border is. Biden gives a literal shit because he is getting a payback from these people causing these problems. The Southern border never looked so bad, ever.

How is our border so horrible? How is this happening on our border? Why is this happening on our border? There are many questions to ask and there is only one answer the Biden administration is to blame for these problems. These people get power and money from the gangs that are causing this craziness.

When you look at pictures and videos it sure as hell look like other places and not the US. This looks like war torn places around the world. Well guess what our border is back to war torn just like during the obummer administration.

This is engineered for division. This is orchestrated to try and take more control over people so their depopulation agenda can take place. Yeah I said depopulation. Look up Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 directly from the WEF and UN sites.

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