The one and only FJB is at it again. He talks stupid shit and does stupid shit. He is a puppet and still cannot follow the instruction of the hand that is up his bumm LOL. He cannot say what they want him to say, he cannot do what they want him to do as well.

This guy is such a piece of crap who cannot get anything done because in his entire career 50 years in government he literally got nothing done on his own. He never wrote a bill by himself. He has never authored a single bill he has only sponsored bills. He is a clown who is a good actor who makes it look like he is doing things and blaming his faults on others.

The demorats and the RINOs are all the same. Biden is a criminal from day one and that is why he survived all the elections. The demorats and RINOs have been cheating for decades to get into and stay in power.

Just look at the following articles and videos of his latest blunders and missteps. He is a pure and utter failure in every way you can think of. He is feckless as a human and politician as well. To top it all off he uses the same tactics as the demonrats and project their doings on others. As usual please comment below on the videos and articles.

Joe Biden Spilling the Beans on Training Troops in Poland and Calling for Regime Change in Russia Is Reckless and Dangerous

Biden pitches largest tax hike in history as part of $5.8T budget request

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