Government CorruptionGovernment Corruption

So it is your fault by the way that crime is rising, Says the new New York Mayor. Well I guess it has literally nothing to do with the previous mayor and his deep state agenda of defund the police. You know that super popular thing where they take money from the police then line their pockets with it,

Crime will surely not rise then, surly. You know the most popular most efficient agenda of them all. The take a shit ton of money from the police so as to cripple them. Keep them from doing their job. You know the agenda hat hurt black and minority people the most. You know the most inclusive policy in fucking history.

Oh right that was the agenda to create a national police force, which failed miserably. Now these shit for brains need to cover all this up and point fingers in blame at other people and organizations calling them racist and misogynist. LOL WTF I really hope people stop falling for these tricks, seriously.

You know the demonrats want to create another brown coats brigade here in the US. You know the party that is supposedly against slavery but where they had a president proclaim those niggers will vote for them for the next two hundred years. I believe it was Woodrow Wilson.

I say just stop falling for this crap man seriously just stop.

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