I’m old enough to remember when Levi’s jeans represented the American ruggedness and individualism that tamed the Wild West. However I’d rather march through the mall naked from the waist down than ever wear a pair of jeans displaying that little red tag that says Levi’s on the back pocket. Here’s what former brand president, Jennifer Sey has to say about why she gave up a $1 million dollar bonus:

When I traveled to Moscow in 1986, I brought 10 pairs of Levi’s 501s in my bag. I was a 17-year-old gymnast, the reigning national champion, and I was going to the Soviet Union to compete in the Goodwill Games…

The jeans were for bartering lycra: the Russians’ leotards represented tautness, prestige, discipline. But they clamored for my denim and all that it represented: American ruggedness, freedom, individualism.

Fast forward to today and Levi has been corrupted by leftism and now represents the diametric opposite of those noble attributes.

My tenure at Levi’s began as an assistant marketing manager in 1999, a few months after my thirtieth birthday.

In many aspects Jennifer as pretty much a liberal, and had always loved working at Levi’s. However,

Things changed when Covid hit. Early on in the pandemic, I publicly questioned whether schools had to be shut down. This didn’t seem at all controversial to me. I felt—and still do—that the draconian policies would cause the most harm to those least at risk, and the burden would fall heaviest on disadvantaged kids in public schools, who need the safety and routine of school the most. …

I was called a racist—a strange accusation given that I have two black sons—a eugenicist, and a QAnon conspiracy theorist.

And then the corporate weasels at Levi’s began to lean on Jennifer to shut up the hell up about Covid. “Keep your mouth shut and nobody gets hurt….” was the message from the suits on the top floor.

Meantime, colleagues posted nonstop about the need to oust Trump in the November election. I also shared my support for Elizabeth Warren in the Democratic primary and my great sadness about the racially instigated murders of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd. No one at the company objected to any of that.

But Jennifer Sey also wanted to voice her opposition to the senseless harm being inflicted on her children all in the name of the Covid hysteria sweeping our nation. She even appeared on Laura Ingraham’s program to talk about it, and that’s when her fellow Levi’s employees started attacking her for being “anti-science” at the company’s so called “town halls.”

Then get this, after drawing attention to the correlation between Covid death rates and obesity, she was also denounced as being “anti-fat.” You can’t make this stuff up!

The Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion told her to get out there and do an “apology tour.” They demanded she apologize for having an opinion contradictory to the company policy. She flat out refused.

When that didn’t work the company began denouncing her as a “white supremacist” — the utmost of all thought crime’s — meant her blasphemy would not be tolerated.

The fact that I had been asked, back in 2017, to be the executive sponsor of the Black Employee Resource Group by two black employees did not matter.

Well, why should it matter? If you don’t conform to dogmatic leftist doctrine in every possible way, you’re a thought criminal of the highest order. Dogmatic leftism is a prerequisite for survival in today’s work environment and you must regard as gospel truth whatever Dr Fauci or Rochelle Walensky claims is “The Science” at any given moment on any given day. Thought criminals must be canceled, because they are vile and disgusting white supremacist’s.

In the fall of 2021, during a dinner with the CEO, I was told that I was on track to become the next CEO of Levi’s—the stock price had doubled under my leadership, and revenue had returned to pre-pandemic levels. The only thing standing in my way, he said, was me. All I had to do was stop talking about the school thing.

But by then it was too late. The Twitter mob smelled blood in the water and that scent of resistance demanded her head on a platter.

In the last month, the CEO told me that it was “untenable” for me to stay. I was offered a $1 million severance package, but I knew I’d have to sign a nondisclosure agreement about why I’d been pushed out.

So, Jennifer Sey turned down the all that money so she could tell you her story. If it is worth $1 million to Levi’s to keep it quite, it’s worth taking a few minutes to read the whole thing.

It’s appropriate that her story would appear on the Substack page of Bari Weiss, formerly of the New York Times. After all Bari is another liberal who was bullied out of a job for ideological contamination by what can only be described as the “Woke American Taliban”.

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By Jaz McKay

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