Well here we go folks. You are no longer allowed to be around someone who is not use a mask because if your are no longer allowed your money, food, etc…..

The government and others wanting to push fear are pushing the idea that if someone in the same room does not have a mask on the same time as you means you are at risk. Well I am going to sue these bastards for everything they have. If I were a waiter or what ever and am forced to wear a mask because of work and now I am still at risk because they let everyone else out of the muzzle and I get sick. Well instant millionaire.

Now what lol you have millions upon millions of people wearing masks while you eat or drink or what ever and since the virus is so fucking smart it doesn’t attach people sitting and eating. The virus has manners and only attacks people not eating and drinking and sitting in the car and … So now the virus has a phd. It finds the people who are wearing a mask only and infects them instead of the people not wearing a mask. HMMMMM seems legitimate.

BAHAHAHAHA stop fooling yourself people. These draconian measures will continue and get worse if you let these bastards get away with it. We already have clearly lost the government at the federal level. Now we need to make sure all levels are not lost. As far as I am sure of is that all people in government no matter what level local to fed need to be fired and reelected after the elections are taken care of. Once we see the problems which we know and then prove and then fix every single person in government

Why One-Way Masking Isn’t a Very Good Public Health Solution

Do masks protect you from COVID if others aren’t wearing one? What experts are sayingRead more at:

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