Mike BloombergMike Bloomberg

First off What The Literal Hell? Why is this guy in charge of anything in the government let alone something for the military, seriously? The infinite wisdom of the “Biden” Administration” and the current Defense Secretary to nominate this punk for anything let alone a created job called “Defense Innovation Board”.

Listen carefully to what they call this position and the description of what it will be doing. You will be blown off your feet. I am still shaking my head in the WTF movement.

A bizarre position for an extremely unqualified candidate. You would figure they would place a trained monkey no body there so they can speak at how much of an expert they are. But no Bloomberg is there instead. I smell a rat, you the bribe get you back rat. You know for the help in the eehheemm presidential election.

I would absolutely love to see his resume and qualifications for this position. Also I want an exact description of this turds position so I can see what this punk will be doing. I can give you a guess though.

As everyone who has been keeping up with events and not from the MSM will know he did the bidding of SOROS, and the Globalists. This is his reward for being a good little soldier. This position will allow him to make a crap ton of money and gain more power and sure traffic in children and others.

He will be flying around on the governments dime, I mean our dimes. He will be talking with people all over the world about made-up problems that they deem important enough to fit their current goals.

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