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An easy legal way to cheat as far as I am concerned. Politicians love to gerrymandering districts around and manipulate populations to allow a party to gain power. The thing that is disturbing about this is that fact it is legal and even exists.

This gerrymandering was probably created to solve a problem but is now used to manipulate things one one parties favor. If we get rid of parties and pass laws forcing politicians to allow people to see what they really stand for on their websites. They will be held accountable for their lies and can be removed if their site states something different from what they do while in office. I say it would come to a point where they should even get jail time for egregious lies. This is a discussion for another day for sure.

When politicians cheat they get help from others by paying them, blackmailing them, and other nasty tricks and deeds. This must stop. This must be prosecuted to the fullest extent. The consequences for people cheating in elections at all levels should be severe period.

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2 thoughts on “Cracking And Packing By Politicians”
  1. I live in N.C.’s district 3. District 3 used to extend up a narrow path to Greensboro. Alma Adams lives and hails from Greensboro. She’s a professional politician. After the line was redrawn, she rented an apartment in Charlotte, 90 miles to the south, in order to stay in power.

    1. Ed this is anabsolute truth that happens all over the country. My aunt used to work for a congress woman who did exactly the same thing. She bought a house in a horrible neighborhood to make sure she can run again. This person was forced to retire so I will leave her name out lol. But this was the time when there were real journalists and real prosecutors who actually did everything they could to make things right.

      Is there a way to expose her for her pandering ways? Mad Max has the same thing going on in California. She has a house in her so called district, she did nothing to improve from day one. These people are corrupt from day one. Well it looks like I am going off now lol. I am sure you know what I mean.

      Thanks for the comment.

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