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San Fransisco used to be the most famous scenic place for movies. But guess what you don’t see them being made their anymore. Are you wondering why this is happening? I am not because I saw it happen before it happened.

The biggest problem is electing a democrat to a position. Because once you they get in they cheat like mad to stay in. Then once their in for more than 3 terms people tend not to run against them and the brainwash is in on their constituents. Thus making it even harder to get them out.

Once the first evidence of the cheating that has been going on for decades by the demonrats and the RINOs. We can finally get these bastards out of office and keep them out of office.

Well guess who’s district San Fransisco is in? Take a wild speaker of the house guess, Yeah Nasty Pelosi. Oh and she is running yet again. HHHMMMM gee I really wonder why. Oh I know to keep herself and her family out of the poky for all their ill gotten gains from corruption, bribes, kick backs, insider trading, and more. POWER POWER POWER

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