Fauci and MasksFauci and Masks

Ouchy Fauci is at it again. He is trying to attention grab as usual. He is what they call an attention whore.

Fauci loves to be in the lime light. He loves showing off his eerrr knowledge and eeeeerrrr experience. He talks a great game for sure. He has been lying for decades about so very many things. He survived horrendous scandal during the AIDS epidemic and his AZT treatment.

This to me means he has some very serious friends in the deep state. He has done some seriously bad things over his years and most of it the public knows about. But he still keeps his job, makes deals with drug companies, and more with no problems or fight back from the media. In fact the media have been incredibly silent about his misdeeds. Obviously these people are connected.

But I must say I love the idea he claims being stumped that the booster is not working. It seems like the white hats are taking control of things slowly in order to not make it strange and weird to the normies.

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