Government CorruptionGovernment Corruption

This is such blatant treason and seditious behavior. Bower committing the most amazing brazen seditious treasonous actions by blocking this in committees.

My question is why is this guy not in jail by now? These people have been doing this for decades. We as citizens have slowly given up on the possibility of getting rid of these laws and loop holes for cheating. They just keep making more loop holes and laws to further their cheating endeavors.

I have been saying on many articles before this one that the entire governments system in the USA needs a reset. We need to remove every single person from government on all levels and not allow them to run for office anywhere again. We need to ban them from ever doing anything with the government in any capacity as well.

These people are self serving and cannot be trusted in any way. They need to be investigated no matter what regardless of whether they look corrupt or not. These people need to have everything looked at from day one. I trust these people as far as I can throw a semi truck.

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