Vaccine TrackingVaccine Tracking

So just because you are stupid enough to still live in Democrat Illinois land you get what you voted for. You voted for these people and now you are being placed into a database so the government you know Big Brother can track you.

They will be tracking your vax status, bank accounts, movements, calls, texts, everything. This is what the federal governments wants so this is a test case. If Illinois gets away with this then the demonrats and RINOs will make it happen on the federal level.

This plan is for utter control people. This is to control you so you cannot eat, drive to work, go out and eat, leave your house, or anything else they don’t want you to know or have. This will be way worse than what is happening in China. Yeah I said that. If you want to eat you need to give up your guns and ammo. If you want to eat you need to take the vax even if it will kill you, injure you, sterilize you, and…

The people in Illinois need to make a stand and stop this now. I really don’t think they will so we as Americans need to make this go viral. We need to to stop this before they get away with it. Make this go viral and make sure you spread this loud and proud.

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