Close Up Joe BidenClose Up Joe Biden

Here it is folks the crux of the situation. Biden finally said the quiet part out loud. This needs to go viral my friends. The Demonrats and RINOs have already shut you up now they want the rest of your God given rights.

They have been pushing for this for decades. With all the BS gun laws passed with out a single person fighting stating this goes against the constitution. The continuing silencing of certain points of view because it goes against the narrative. This means the second and first amendments have been infringed upon.

They even limited church and mass gatherings during the “Plandemic”. This is a major power grab people. You and everyone else needs to wake up from the sleep many of us have been lulled into all in the name of safety.

They control you with fear. They push their misdeeds onto other through projection. They deflect from what they get caught at by planning and executing events to take your attention away from what they just got caught doing. This is called deflection, same way a magician makes you look at the hand that does nothing while the other hand hides the trick.

Get wise to these tricks. Teach them to your friends and family. Wake the sleeping sheep from their slumber and make them mad rams to push these people to jail and out of office.

The corruption is so bad and so many levels and deep inside all the departments. Everyone needs to be investigated, fired, taken to jail, charged with treason, and more. The entire government at all levels needs a look at and audits. Yes even at the local level there is mass corruption. Just look at these disgusting school boards. They are corrupt like you would not believe and they hide everything from you. Why would a person keep taking a thankless job over and over again? Well the pocket money of course.

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