Man the Libtards are so nasty. These people have so much fear and nastiness inside them they may be lost forever. One thing I cannot understand is how they have a conscience of any kind.

These people hate others who do not believe what they believe. They are so unreasonable and unwilling to even look at a different idea. The brainwashing is so complete it is unimaginable.

They want prison, fines, and what ever to make people comply with illegal and unconstitutional mandates and dictates, and suggestions from government organizations like CDC, NIH, NIAID, and more. I shake my head over and over again.

My neighbor across the street still is a Biden supporter. She obviously is seriously brainwashed. The funny thing is she sell real estate. This shows she is her own woman but still is a liberal brainwashed libtard. People like her still make me shake my head at how ignorant they really are.

Nearly half of Dems say fines, prison time appropriate for questioning vaccines, poll says

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