Teenagers out for a drive disappear. People suspect fowl play and other things. A dark spot may be created in the community. This may sound harsh or bad but this is good news for all involved because this chapter can finally be closed.

Time passes and no sign of these kids. Then one day a random guy goes scuba diving in a river and finds a vehicle with bodies in it. It turns out to be the missing kids from 21 years ago.

These children were certainly never forgotten. The dread in not knowing what happened to them has never stopped as well. Now the answers are there and the two families can gather together and finally morn the loss of their children together without any finger pointing or anything like that.

I am happy for these families and even the community because this could have been a dark spot that may have caused some serious negativity and strife. Since these questions have finally been answered then things will improve for all in that community. And they can finally move on but not forget these children.

Scuba-diving YouTuber discovers Pontiac containing human remains at bottom of Tennessee river: Major breakthrough in cold case of two missing teens who were last seen 21 years ago

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