COVID will never ever end. You know why because it is still a power grab. It is a way to keep you under control.

These jabbs will be pushed no matter how it effects you. They will push the COVID pill because the shot will look bad after a while. But the same things will happen. People will get sick and die in large numbers.

And if you don’t take the jab/pill/nasal sniff/… you cannot do anything until you have proof you abide by their rules which are still not laws.

There are so many articles and videos of doctors, people, and nurses saying not to get this jabb/pill/nasal sniff/… So why do people still get these drugs well because of fear. These people are sick and inhuman. They want to depopulate this world so they have better control over you.

Well here ya go they just proved this point by saying what they said in this press conference. If you listen very carefully these people give away what they are going to do in their speeches and in their future plans will be given away. We have provided proof of such in previous articles. Please look back at them to get the whole picture.

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