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WOW the absolute unreal gall. Google and the Deep State want to look for people looking for certain things. You know normal things like why people are getting arrested. You know normal things not like a nuclear bomb or something of that sort. No seriously keyword searches are now illegal. Oh yeah Fuck Joe Biden and Let’s Go Brandon. Take that Biden and the DOJ.

The government is looking for people pushing against the propaganda pushed by the MSM. I suggest everyone leave Google services as much as they can. Google is complicate in this tyranny and this they are an actual Marxist company.

We need to push back this time and every single time someone, government agency, politician, government, or any thing restricts our rights given to us by God. We need to push back in force and never stop. We need to teach our children to do this and make them teach their children and on and on.

Our world was on the cusp of another great extinction yeah I said that. The Globalist have publicly said they want a clear and massive drop in population. The only reason to do this is for control. This virus was a ruse to make you look at that instead of the Jab which is killing people, disabling people, and making them infertile.

How do you do depopulation with out showing people you are doing this. Fool them into looking at other things besides their plans. Make these people show their hand and thus you know what they are holding and what kind of future they want for themselves and not you.

This tyrannical push for censorship and restriction of liberty is only to make you concede and get used to their power. They pushed this slowly for decades and we fell for it. Well most of us fell for it. We are waking up and there is nothing these sick satanic people can do about it.

Make sure you let your neighbors know what you know. Make sure you let your family know what you know. It is time to wake everyone of the sheeple up. Because if we do not wake of 90 plus percent of the people we will be right back to where we are now in 100 years and we as a species might not survive. Yeah I said that as well.

Government secretly orders Google to track anyone searching certain names, addresses, and phone numbers

Against All Enemies
Against All Enemies

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