Lap DanceLap Dance

Why are these people not in jail for this? At the very least these people need to loose their teaching license and be banned from teaching children for the rest of their lives.

Teachers allowed high school children do lap dances on them while in underwear only. This is disgusting horrific behavior. I still cannot stop shaking my head. How can a grown up person allow a child to behave like this in front of them let alone allowing them to do these acts to them.

These teachers allowed the kids to give them lap dances, be nearly naked in their underwear, and allow the images to be posted to their schools Facebook page. I still cannot believe this can actually happen.

I remember going to dances and such. The teachers never got in the way of the children. The allowed then to do their thing in a reasonable fashion of course. They laid down rules we needed to abide by or else get kicked out. It was simple as that.

This kind of deranged behavior should never be even allowed to get past the 5 second mark. The teachers and adults should have ended what ever was inappropriate immediately. No questions asked ended it and make the people leave. Also make their parents aware of their disgusting terrible behavior. Still shaking my head.

Kentucky high school staff members got lap dances from students, photos appear to show

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