Pedophile GroomingPedophile Grooming

These people are sick and possibly even brainwashed. Colleges that have been pushing this kind of mindset should be driven out of business and the professors placed into jail. The federal government programs and the people initiating and pushing these ideas and brainwashing should all go to jail. This is horrific.

These people think they are doing something great for society but they are not. You cannot push sex and preferences onto children. This is what pedophile groomers do. They make children feel comfortable with touching and other types of talk like you ever see a mans penis or touch another person. Slowly get their victims comfortable with the idea and feeling of molestation, sex, masturbation, and more.

As far as I am concerned and us at The Deplorable Patriot want all teachers of a certain age to step down and never be allowed to be near children again in any capacity. It is clear that the majority is in line with and even a groomer themselves. Besides the fact that teaching and school need a good upset and change in how things are done the current bunch of teachers must step down for ever. This includes all administrators and even school board members. Between the CRT and grooming this whole system is corrupt from the very soul. It needs to be blown up and tossed to the side for a new plan, new teachers, new administrators, and fresh everything. This way the children have a chance to actually excel at their own way and their own direction.

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