Death To PedophilesDeath To Pedophiles

If you don’t watch all these videos you are absolutely part of the problem. You need to know and everyone else needs to know the depravity these sick fucks want to commit. These people are out of this world terrible. Their plans for the children are more sick and horrid than you can imagine.

They want you and your kids to be ok with pedophilia and all that goes with it. They want this so when your child comes home from school pregnant by the teacher(s) you will not complain you just get an abortion and move on. They want you to be OK with all this because what is next is worse.

Once you allow this start to their depravity there is no turning back. They will start child brides in front of you. They will rape your children, kill your children, eat your children, and you can do nothing about it. They will come to your house and take your child for what ever they want and good luck if you get them back again.

This is coming if any of this is allowed to continue. They do all this in secret now. If the average sheeple, leave me alone person learns of their depravity I see loads of people swinging from trees. Why do you think they tried to pass a national anti lynching law? Now if you lynch them you are now up for the death penalty. Go figure they want you to suffer the same of not more then them and deter you from any such consequences of their behavior.

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