Balenciaga is an upscale store. You are pretty nuts for shopping there in the first place. We have images from the Instagram of one of the designers below along with articles and videos showing the sick pedo desires of these people. This cannot be allowed to continue.

These people who are perpetrating these crimes, high crimes, crimes against humanity, and more must be held responsible for their actions. This goes for all those people that went along and stayed quite, you know the complicate bunch in the back gaining money and power letting these things happen. To the military tribunals then to their executions.

Kim Kardashian Breaks Silence on Balenciaga Child Sexualization Ad

Father of Child Who Posed in BDSM-Themed Balenciaga Ad Defends Photoshoot: ‘The Children Had a Fantastic Time’

Outrage Grows as Hollywood Remains Silent on Balenciaga BDSM-Themed Child Ads

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