Let’s be 100% accurate here, it was either treason or incompetence taken to highs never previously witnessed, and yet there has been zero accountability for Biden’s catastrophically screwed-up withdrawal from Afghanistan. Quite the contrary, the only person punished (other than the Americans allowed to be killed or left behind, the military dogs abandoned, and the innocent civilians killed in a “righteous” drone strike) has been Marine Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller, who was relieved of command after calling for accountability. He resigned his commission. Now he has been arrested and imprisoned with no charges:

Scheller first rose to internet stardom by posting a video to Facebook blasting military leaders for the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, questioning their command decisions on the events leading up to and during the final evacuation effort.

Scheller would go on to release several more videos, generating praise and controversy while drawing the ire of military leadership. Eventually, he was told by superiors to stop posting to social media altogether, an order he immediately ignored by posting about the gag order.

At the end of his last video, he indicated that he knew where he was headed, saying, “Col Emmel please have the MPs waiting for me at 0800 on Monday. I’m ready for jail.”

Scheller is “currently in pre-trial confinement,” a spokesperson for Training and Education Command said of the officer’s status.

No wonder the Little Hitler, New York Governor Kathy Hochul wants to replace healthcare workers who won’t obey her Covid decrees to be replaced with the military. That way, anyone who needs an attitude adjustment can be thrown in the brig.

This is an outrage, you need to contact your congressman and raise HELL!

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By Jaz McKay

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