The good thing about making mistakes or failing in any endeavor is learning from your mistakes. For example, the more you shock yourself by not turning off the breaker before you change out an outlet or light switch, the better you will remember to turn it off the next time. But this doesn’t seem to apply for Joe Biden, who can’t remember whether he put on his pants this morning, and who still just will not accept responsibility for his massive screw up in Afghanistan:

“I make no apologies” will not be much solace to the many Americans Biden unnecessarily left to the mercy of the Taliban, which unsurprisingly is resuming the practice of cutting off people’s hands.

But then again, in as much as he does not appear to actually be in charge of the White House, maybe he’s got a point. It’s certainly plausible to imagine he’s not taking responsibility because of the fact he wasn’t involved in it in any way, shape or form. Most likely he was napping when the orders were given.  

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By Jaz McKay

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