Many in Washington DC are stunned at the testimony yesterday from General Mark Milley and General Kenneth McKenzie. 

Testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee they both claimed that they recommended to President Biden that he should keep 2,500 troops in Afghanistan. 

McKenzie actually testified that he recommended the US maintain at least 4,000 troops.

This is significant because their testimony stands in direct conflict with public statements made by President Biden. 

The president told ABC News that no one ever recommended that troops remain in Afghanistan. 

Someone is not telling the truth. Either President Biden lied or the generals did. Or It could be possible that the president is suffering some sort of medical issue that is affecting his memory. Either way – this is not very good. 

But the fact remains. President Biden for whatever reason ignored the advice of his military experts and as a result 13 American service members are dead. 

And nobody is held accountable. Nobody that is except Marine Lt. Col Stuart Scheller, who sits in prison as you read this. Placed in custody yesterday with no official charges for calling for accountability. That is shameful.

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By Howard Roark

Howard Roark is a Senior Fellow with the Kirby Institute and editor of The Deplorable Patriot. He’s a second amendment advocate, avid shooter, hunter, fisherman, fur trapper, writer, artist, poet, and inventor of the wall port central vacuum cleaner system. He is both a moral and a practical man and is fully committed to the artistic integrity of every one of his endeavors or projects whether working as a common laborer in a rock quarry or operating a Fortune 500 design firm.