Democrats have just been giddy with excitement after the results of Tuesdays re-call election in California. They’re convinced it’s a referendum on their deranged policy’s from the American people. Hey Dipwads! It was California you idiots, what did you expect?

On election night I couldn’t help but notice the Democrat talking heads making a comparison to the upcoming governors race in Virginia where former governor Terry McAuliffe is making another run to regain his seat over Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin.

Besides being a Democrat hack, McCauliffe has something else in common with Gavin Newsom, he seems to believe mask mandates are for the little people and not him, in as much as he’s been photographed skirting federal guidelines and going maskless on an Amtrak ride recently despite his pledge to, “lead by example.”

Democratic candidate for Virginia governor, former Gov. Terry McAuliffe, seen on Amtrak train without mask. 

As well as in the Amtrak terminal……

McAuliffe seen in New York Penn Station's Moynihan Train Hall without a face mask. Federal mask mandates require face coverings on public transportation and in all public transportation hubs including airports and train stations. 

Now McAuliffe’s comments last July where he said, “It’s past time to defund the police…” as well his proud acceptance at the time of an endorsement from the Marxist group, “New Virginia Majority”, a large defund the police organization who also want to abolish prisons as well as Immigration and Customs Enforcement, is beginning to haunt him.

McAuliffe was confronted on the endorsement and his comments by Montgomery County Sheriff Hank Partin while speaking at an event Wednesday with the Virginia Sheriffs Association.

Fox New reports:

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By Jaz McKay

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