Our public schools have been overrun by radical Marxist’s and they’re driving a massive social and cultural change in our society. Public school teachers, inspired by Barack Obama, have been fundamentally transforming our nation from their desks in their classrooms.

The latest evidence came courtesy of Project Veritas, a non-profit journalism organization that exposes corruption and dishonesty in public and private institutions.

According to Fox News, Project Veritas captured Advanced Placement government teacher Gabriel Gipe on an undercover video boasting about his intention to turn your kids into Communist revolutionaries.

“I have 180 days to turn them [students] into revolutionaries…Scare the f*ck out of them,” said Gipe, a teacher at Inderkum High School in Sacramento, Calif.

And so far – Mr. Gipe’s nefarious plan is working. His classroom is a museum for radicals — from the rainbow flag and a portrait of Chairman Mao to a giant Antifa flag.

“I have an Antifa flag on my [classroom] wall and a student complained about that — he said it made him feel uncomfortable. Well, this [Antifa flag] is meant to make fascists feel uncomfortable, so if you feel uncomfortable, I don’t really know what to tell you. Maybe you shouldn’t be aligning with the values that this [Antifa flag] is antithetical to,” he told Project Veritas.

The teacher also keeps tabs on the political leanings of his students. over the years his students have gone even further to the left. 

His goal is not to teach Advanced Placement Government. His goal is to replace our government and fundamentally transform America.

“What can we do now to root out this culture that keeps perpetuating hyper-individualism, hyper-competitiveness, capitalist exploitation and consolidation of wealth…I do think that it’s important to understand that as an extension of an economic revolution, they [Chinese Communist Party] were changing the base, and then they went to change the superstructure. You cannot change one without the other. You can’t have cultural shifts without the economic shift, and vice versa,” he said.

And he’s not the only teacher at Inderkum High School who has turned his classroom into a Communist training camp.

“There are three other teachers in my department that I did my credential program with — and they’re rad. They’re great people. They’re definitely on the same page,” he said.

Bottom line is unless we root out the anti-American, anti-Christian radicals inside our classrooms – we will not have meaningful change in America. 

One more note – when Project Veritas confronted Sacramento school officials — they were the ones thrown out of the building. 


Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. - Winston Churchill

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By Howard Roark

Howard Roark is a Senior Fellow with the Kirby Institute and editor of The Deplorable Patriot. He’s a second amendment advocate, avid shooter, hunter, fisherman, fur trapper, writer, artist, poet, and inventor of the wall port central vacuum cleaner system. He is both a moral and a practical man and is fully committed to the artistic integrity of every one of his endeavors or projects whether working as a common laborer in a rock quarry or operating a Fortune 500 design firm.