In this video Dr. Sherri Tenpenny reveals how the new COVID-19 vaccines work and what you’re not being told.

This clip was taken from “Ministry Now” with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny. You can see the whole episode here:…

Remember these vaccines are experimental, they are NOT FDA approved. And so far the reported deaths from the vaccines is at 1,200. That number is believed to be only 10% of actual deaths which means the number could be as high as 12,000.

Can you think of any product that after being released to the public and in the first 10 weeks of use resulted in either 1,200 or 12,000 deaths being attributed to its use would still be on the market?

Watch the above video, before it’s removed by YouTube and judge for yourself if you should get it. But I remind you, this is not approved by the FDA, it is experimental AND you are the experiment.

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By Jaz McKay

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