In his talk, Javier Sierra begins by citing the trip that several Spaniards, including him, made through the American continent a couple of months before, in March 1994. First, they went to the United States. There they spoke with people from the Hopi Indians. . Then they moved to Lima, Cuzco (where they investigated the issue of the tunnels), Bolivia and Tiahuanaco. The trip, he says, coincided with the death of Andreas Faber-Kaiser. He, as a ufologist, recognizes that UFOs are closely linked to certain mysteries of the past. Among them, the pre-Columbian mysteries. “Something happened in those towns. When those Inca, Mayan, etc. cultures appeared, the degree of technological development was so brutal, so disconcerting, that even today we are unable to imitate their architectural feats,” he says. The phenomenon of the tunnels is an example of this architectural feat, he says. It is a planetary phenomenon, not just an American one. “There are references to tunnels in all parts of the planet,” he maintains. According to Sierra, “many of the great gods of Antiquity came out of caves, came out of tunnels, and make reference to that underground origin.”

Next, he shows a series of slides to illustrate the topic of his lecture. He talks about the region of Cappadocia (Türkiye). There, several centuries ago, authentic underground metropolises existed, as archaeological excavations have shown. A good part of the population remained hidden in these underground enclaves. There are more than 30 cities located by official archaeology. He also talks about the most famous of the tunnels: that of the Tayos cave (Ecuador). Sierra describes her story and remembers that Däniken popularized her. He then talks about the caves of Cuzco. In one of the caves, there is a tunnel that communicates with the basement of the Temple of the Sun. He continues recounting more evidence of underground tunnels. Finally, he cites Plato’s story where he talks about Atlantis. Apparently, and according to the Greek philosopher, the Atlanteans knew the techniques to make these tunnels…

Lecture by JAVIER SIERRA given on May 29, 1994 during the TRIBUTE CONGRESS IN MEMORY OF ANDREAS FABER-KAISER, held at the Plaza Hotel in Barcelona between May 28 and 29, 1994.

VHS video recording kindly provided by Mario Acuña and digitized by Moisés Garrido and Claudia M. Moctezuma.

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