Thousands of faithful Christians have just witnessed a shocking event: the appearance of a holy figure of Jesus. In the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Holy Fire—a spontaneous flame that ignites mysteriously at the site where Jesus is believed to have been buried—has once again appeared. This sudden blaze in the darkness is celebrated as a sign of Jesus’s resurrection. But could this fire truly be lit by Jesus himself, or could it be something far more sinister, perhaps even the work of the Antichrist? Let us explore why this fire might signify something very different, something Jesus himself has warned us about for centuries

During the ceremony, the church is initially darkened to symbolize Christ’s death, then dramatically lit by the Holy Fire to signify his resurrection. This practice is similar to rituals in other Christian communities where new fire is lit on Holy Saturday. However, the Jerusalem event adds an extra layer of solemnity and grandeur by claiming that the fire originates directly from the sacred tomb.

The spectacle of the Holy Fire is not only a spiritual moment but also a significant tourist attraction. Each year, the influx of visitors provides a boost to Jerusalem’s local economy. Hotels, restaurants, and shops see a spike in business, benefiting from the large crowds that the event attracts. Additionally, vendors selling religious items find this period particularly profitable.

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