The Princess of Wales Kate Middleton was murdered and replaced by a body double for public relations exercises, according to Princess Diana’s best friend and at least two palace aides familiar with the matter.

According to Christine Fitzgerald, Diana’s best friend during her final few years, the British public would not accept another Princess Diana situation, which would involve the Royal family getting away with murder for a second time in a matter of decades.

Instead, body doubles will be used to cover up the crime and keep the public in the dark about the elite’s Luciferian religion and their blood sacrifices for the beast.

But there is just one problem with the Royal’s diabolical plan. They have become arrogant and careless and they have left their fingerprints all over the crime scene.

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On February 23, two black horses were spotted with a “captured” white horse and a black flag outside Buckingham Palace.

The last two times the royals unleashed this deeply symbolic ceremony on the world were before World War I in 1912, and then the day before Queen Elizabeth II died in 2022.

Experts in the occult warned us that the elite had just signaled the world had entered into a phase of fire and human sacrifice. Obviously, most people ignored this ancient wisdom – but perhaps they should have listened.

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