The one thing you need to takeaway from this and many other documentaries we post here is that they are for you to think about yourself. I personally have always thought that climate change and global warming was a bunch of bull shit. Yeah you read that right. Ever since I heard about this all of a sudden “crisis” I knew it was total poppycock.

I am sure you are like how would you know this or think this, Well because I was already in the process of thinking that much of so called academia and the government were full of total absolute lies. This is to get what they want from the people. Just imagine people yelling fire everywhere but the so called “experts” were in the room saying yeah fire RUN FAST NOW. This is exactly how I saw it. Plus you hear from people in the very beginning of this pushed narrative speak out against it and suddenly disappear from their positions.

Oh and as you watch the video towards the end you see all these people wearing red and looking like they are performing a ritual. Well they are performing a ritual. They are Satan worshipers pushing this agenda to get you where they want you. Since they are out numbered by massively huge gargantuan margins they need to you to believe this crap by pulling all sorts of lies and what ever else they feel is needed to pull the wool over your face and brain.

So in the end when you really pay attention to what the narrator is saying he tells you just a portion of what you should/need really know. These people a manipulative sick bastards that tell you what they are going to do in advance and also what they are doing while they are doing it. They make it seem like a story and it is not true because it is a story. So stop falling for the games and remove the fog of brainwashing they have over you and everyone else in this world.

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