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Come on people. I work my ass off getting you this information. You can at least come back and watch and learn after I start to post again. I was in the process of looking for a house, buying said house, moving, and now sold my old house, and unpacking the new house. I was only out of touch for a week or so but you all abandon me and the site.

Boy this is horrible and not making me feel like I should continue to try and give you as much information as you can get. I am complaining because this is a pattern. My life gets busy and I cannot post as much or as juicy as I have before and you ghost me and the site. send an email to the noreply@thedeplorablepatriot.com and tell me what I can do better on the site. Thanks for your thoughts and guidance. As another tidbit of information.

I have made nothing of revenue from this site in anyway or form. The company that provides the ads does not pay out until the revenue hits 1000 dollars. After 3 years I am at 155 dollars lol. I am not complaining or anything I just want you to know I am working total volunteer hours for this site and many many many hours more than you can imagine. I search through at ton of articles and videos and information and only post what is relevant for this audience. I just want you to understand where I sit and what I do to help you get information you may not have.

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