Arizona Man Attempts to Kidnap 11-Year-Old Girl on her way to School

The girl was on her way to Sunset Elementary School in Glendale around 8 a.m. when Joseph Leroy Ruiz pulled his car next to the sidewalk and started chasing the little girl.

Thankfully she got away. 🙏

She ran and screamed for help, and some other young children ahead of her huddled around her and escorted her to school.

The little girl told police she noticed the man at the bottom of the staircase of her apartment building as she left for school….

The Police was called and while searching for the suspect noticed a silver four-door Chevrolet sedan and a man matching the suspect’s description still lingering around the area.

Ruiz, was taken into custody later that day on charges of attempted kidnapping and custodial interference.

When investigators told him he was being booked for kidnapping, he didn’t argue or make any denials…

He only wanted to know how long he would be “locked up.”

According to Arizona Law— When the alleged victim of kidnapping is under the age of 15 years, a first-offense kidnapping sentence can range from 10 to 24 years in prison.


This was premeditated… He stalked this little game at her home… he likely would have sexually abused this girl and killed her.

These types of people do not belong in society. They do not deserve prison.

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