PA Dem Kevin Boyle in a Drunken Tirade Threatens to Use his Political Power to Close Down a Bar & Prevent Someone’s Advancement in the Military — All While Accusing them to be actors and Military Intelligence Agents

  • 0:01 “I’ll fuckin end this bar by the way. Put a fork in, it’s done by the way.”
  • 0:30 “Us military intelligence and traitors” 🤔
  • 0:50 “Ya fuckin idiots, ya fuckin morons”
  • 0:58 “Push me out. You’re all fcking actors.. you’re not from here. Y’all fcking traitors.
  • 1:30 “Do you not think I’m gonna prevent your promotion in the United States Military? Y’all are United States Military….> (Get out the Bar) No! I’ll prevent you from fu*king getting a promotion”
  • 2:50 “I’ll close your fcking bar. This bar is Done! Do you know who the Fck I am?”

PA House Democratic leaders say he is “seeking help”, but still has his job..

He needs to be removed from office immediately.

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