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Crystal technology knowledge from the Pleiades to open the vortex singularity within the crystal in order to imprint into the holographic planetary matrix

Dr Marcel Vogel was IBM’s senior head scientist for over 27 years. He was a prolific inventor with over 140 patents. He created the first magnetic coating used in computer hard drives. Created the red and blue phosphors for color television. Developed liquid crystal systems used into today’s displays, and much more.
He was a pioneer in man/plant communications which led him into the research of the interface of consciousness with quartz crystals and water which he researched extensively for 17 years. After leaving IBM he set up a fully equipped laboratory to measure and quantify the science of crystals and developed a method to amplify and cohere the energies of mind by forming a quartz crystal known today as a “Vogel Cut” crystal. The image came to him in a dream in the form of the tree of life to cut the crystal in a di-pyramidal form.

He trained dozens of medical doctors in using his developed technique utilizing the crystal with breath to alleviate various health issues in the higher energetic fields of the body and had great success. He was no doubt the first scientist of his caliber to pioneer the understanding of the energies of mind connected with the breath, quartz crystals, water and most importantly love.

Signal Generator Setup for activating the vortex singularity in the crystal

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