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Natural Botox 😮

Lemon x Olive Oil drink is my new healthy addiction 😮‍💨🙌🏽 she didn’t mention this as a benefit but something about it gives “snatched for the summer” vibes as well! ⁣idk!

Thank you Jen for sharing these beautiful recipes! 🍋

I’ll be sipping all summer long!⁣

3 cups of water (the best quality you can get)
1 whole lemon ⁣
2 tbs of olive oil⁣
1-2 tbs of honey ⁣
1 knob of ginger ⁣
✨Don’t forget the cinnamon✨⁣

This natural anti-aging mask eliminates wrinkles and dead skin cells

The Incredible Miracles of a 72 Hour

Ever wondered what happens when you give your digestive system a break?

Let’s break down the transformative timeline of an extended fast:

  1. 6 Hours: Sugar Drop!
    Insulin levels start to stabilise, and your body begins burning stored sugar for energy.
  2. 12 Hours: Fat Burn Begins!
    Your body enters a metabolic state called ketosis, shifting from carbs to burning fat.
  3. 17 Hours: Atophagy Alert
    Cells initiate a deep cleaning process, rejuvenating and repairing from the inside out.
  4. 24 Hours: Gut Glow-up!
    Your entire digestive system gets a revamp as stem cells rush in to mend and refresh.
  5. 48 Hours: Dopamine Dive!
    Your brain’s dopamine system reboots, recharging motivation and elevating mood.
  6. 72 Hours: Immunity Ignition!
    A full-scale immune system overhaul powers up, readying you against invaders.

Eliminates all cancer cells from the body

Sick, stressed, or just need a wellness boost?

Let’s explore a powerful juice that claims to remedy all your health concerns.

•High Blood Pressure, Respiratory Issues, and Poor Gut Health

•Auto-Immune Diseases, Excess Mucus, and Kidney Stones
—Coconut Water

•Cancer and Cardio

•Diabetes, Poor Circulation, and Anxiety

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