Sept 2002– at the center of the island, Google earth shows there was nothing but a bare mound.

March, 2005- the Palm Beach Florida Police began investigating Epstein after a mother reported he abused her 14 yo daughter

July, 2006- Epstein was arrested by the Palm Beach Police Dept. on State Felony charges of procuring a minor for prostitution.
— Hours later, he was released on a $3k bond

November, 2006- Google Earth shows the previous bare mounds, has what appears to be mass graves freshly buried.
— During this time, Palm Beach County State Attorney is accused of given Epstein Special Treatment

2007- Federal procedures prepared an indictment against Epstein, which is held up in the courts for a year.

2008- Epstein plead guilty to 1 count of soliciting prostitution, and 1 count of soliciting prostitution from a minor.
— Epstein is sentenced to 18 months in jail, with a secret arraignment with the US Attorneys office to not be prosecuted for federal crimes
— Epstein served most of his sentence in a work release program that allowed him to leave jail during the day.

July, 2009- Epstein is released from jail.

Aug, 2009- Google Earth shows what appeared to be mass graves on the mound had been covered over.

2013- Construction begins on the mound gravesite.

2017- Construction of what appears to be a tennis court surrounded by a dirt berm.

Jan, 2018- Google Earth shows the tennis court had been raised and the earth beneath had been excavated.

Nov, 2018- The Miami Herald begins publishing a series of articles on the Epstein case.

July, 2019- Epstein is charged on Federal Sex-Trafficking Charges

Aug, 2019- The FBI raid the island.
— Google Earth shows cloud cover obscuring the view of the mound.

Aug 10, 2019- Epstein “committed suicide”

Sept, 2019- The mound is used as a parking lot

May, 2020- The area and mound is cleared.

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