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AZTEC 1948: A DOCUMENTARY REPRISAL OF THE FIRST FLYING SAUCER STORY, with Paul Kimball. Paul Kimball founder of Redstar Films will give a presentation about the 1948 Aztec UFO crash retrieval.

In his new documentary he takes a fresh look flying saucer story, which has resurfaced thanks largely to the efforts of researcher Scott Ramsey. The film re-examines the long-held view that the Aztec story was a fraud perpetrated by con men Silas Newton and Leo Gebauer. His presentation will discuss new evidence that may corroborate the story first recounted in Frank Scully’s book Behind The Flying Saucers. This evidence includes new witnesses, the secret radar bases that the skeptics long denied existed, some facts about Newton and Gebauer that the skeptics don’t want to talk about, and a critical look at the relevance of the alleged diary of Silas Newton, purportedly shown to Roswell / Aztec skeptic Karl Pflock by an anonymous source.

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