-Unmanageable inventory at Walmart
-Pharm CVS, Dunkin’, McDonald’s drive through packed mid day
-Closed banks, rite aids, and countless other small biz shuttered every where. Very little to no new biz at the street level. It’s all gone digital and at home delivery.

The fabric of America in terms of the retail experience is changing fast. I’ve seen it with my own eyes all over the country. Affluent high income areas aren’t near as bad. Downtown, main streets, and suburbia look like this.

Everything is moving to drive through and at home delivery; sprinkled with chain restaurants for the eating out experience. There are also many small and thriving businesses, you just have to seek then out.

There isn’t really that much of a need for banks anymore. The advent of apps and full service atms are here and expanding quickly.

So many people are out and about during the day now as the work from home model has become permanent.

Short gratitude sermon from pastor dale Oshields at the end.

Now more then ever we stay in gratitude, love, and tune into what serves us, our health, loved ones, family, etc. The way it was always supposed to be as we learn, pay more attention, and less to distractions.

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