Ghislaine Maxwell, Founder and President of the TerraMar Project, talks about leveraging technology to create a global ocean community.

This presentation sounds all good and well. She presents it in such a polished manner that everyone falls for what seems to be a great goal. These sick evil people always pull those punches. They cause the sick obvious horrifying troubles and the propose ways of fixing what they broke. Most of the time by taking your money and grabbing yet more power, well ok all of the time.

The thing about this project is that she wanted it to be OK to move children underwater and out of site and you pay for it. What a bunch of dopes we are for falling for her polished presentation. I never ever in my whole life idolized anyone. I appreciated people contributions but never placed them at a high standing. I learned early on that that is a truly bad idea. So these unelected so called leaders need to be sent to Hell where they belong.

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